Why Does She Always Get the Happy Ever After?


The Happy Ever After Girl Defined

You know the type got it going on, nails done, hair done, everything did, always smiling, gets the good guys, gets the baby or the ring before others, her Facebook never has a dull moment, her Twitter account is on fire, always getting opportunities, always seems to be on to something good! Homegirl is working it, and doing it well. Jealously sometimes creeps in there if your life may not seem as glamorous! Of course, this varies!!

But, why does she always get the happy ever after you might ask? Is she better than you?

Well, I’m here to tell you that so-and-so is NOT better than you.

So-and-so is not smarter then you, more beautiful then you, more blessed then you, or more favored then you. Nope!

Why Her?

She always gets the happy ever after for one reason and one reason alone: BECAUSE SHE BELIEVES SHE DESERVES IT! She believes she is worthy and regal. She believes she deserves the best and will not settle for less. She hustles and works hard for the life she has whether it brings good results or bad results.

What  “HAPPY EVER AFTER” women share (no we’re not talking fairytales here, Cinderella especially!) are solely their BELIEFS in how they believe their life should go! Our thoughts are in direct relation to the life we lead!

What Does the Happy Ever After Girl Think About?

  • What are your thoughts saying about the life you lead?
  • What is your life saying about the thoughts you’ve had?
  • Have you came up with a vision for the way your life should be? Have you worked that vision so it becomes a reality?

Getting to happy means you get into you FIRST!

Getting to Happy

While you’re wondering why she is “HAVING IT ALL” and “LIVING IT UP” she is living her life like it’s golden while you’re sitting around jealous, bitter, angry, (or even just settling for less) instead of getting the life you want!

The happy ever after girl once thought she could, and then she went after it that makes her seem so envious! Instead of envying her see what she is doing. “Success leaves clues (Tony Robbin) my friend! Be mindful and cautious of course when following. But do take note!

Go from jealous to joy. Go from envy to excited. Go from bitter to bold.

By ENVISIONING WHAT YOU WANT  (make a vision board) and then GO GET IT (Mary Mary Voice)!!!!

Are you a Happy Ever After Girl? 


8 comments on “Why Does She Always Get the Happy Ever After?

  1. While I agree with what you’re saying, I think it’s also important to remind ourselves that all that glitters isn’t gold, the grass isn’t always greener, etc., etc. Incidentally, the model in the first picture above is (I think) French actress Noemie Lenoir who tried to kill herself a year or so ago. When I heard about this, it was unfathomable to me that someone so beautiful, famous, wealthy and loved (she is a mother) would not want to live. But perhaps sometimes it is that pressure – like, “Well, I’ve got everything going for me – how come I’m not happy???” – that drives folks over the edge.

    • I agree with you 100%! So true. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to add that in because I didn’t want the post to be too long, but you have inspired me to do a part II where I address this very issue. Thanks Curvy Ceo

  2. You are spot on! We become what we believe about ourselves. Also the time wasted spent looking at what others “appear” to have ( to curvyceo’s point) could be spent on personal growth.

    A. Genise


    • Thanks! Our beliefs are so powerful! Personal growth is the key to being happy and getting the life you want. It all starts with the person not looking to others and enying what you don’t have. But, rather looking within and focusing on what you do have now, and embracing that.

  3. So true! I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction, you attract how you think. You think you deserve something and you will get it. You keep having these gloomy whoa is me moments and depression thoughts your life will keep spiraling in that direction.

    Everyone has a time where they will shine and you just have to keep focusing on YOU and not someone else’s blessings. That is the problem. Or how about learning to be happy for others and think about your time to shine coming around the corner? Thats how I do things I dont get jealous, I get excited because I get inspired.

    Lovely post! Thank you!


    • Kiwi,

      Thanks for stopping by!! I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, too. We must create the lives we want. No one else will do it for you. Lastly, I also get inspired from women who are doing their thing!!

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