“Where Color Meets Confidence”

Inspiring women of color to live fabulous and empowered lives!

Regal Realness isn’t just a BLOG….it is a LIFESTYLE!

Our slogan: “Your crown has been bought and paid for. All you must do is put it on.” – James Baldwin

Our Motto: ‘You are who you’ve been waiting for’

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Mission: Regal Realness  inspires women of color to live fabulous and empowered lives. This is women of color’s premier place to boost their confidence, stay informed, learn of resources, and empower themselves to live the lives they dream of.

 It is our goal to ensure that girls and women are loved, empowered, and well equipped to wear the crowns that have already been paid for them. We live the by the principles that   a “regal real” girl deserve the best, and should never settle for less. We also believe women must self-educate themselves, heal themselves, and re-create themselves to create the lives they have always imagined living. This goes beyond what any media image or textbook reading could provide to our girls and women of color in today’s society. Here we offer the “real” deal to put our readers on the path to “regal” royalty.

In a society that often negates women of color, and fails to properly educate growing women on the “real” perils and purpose of life, it is this blog that hopes to inspire you and educate you to live your best life. This blog covers all aspects of life: DREAMS, RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY, FRIENDSHIPS, SELF-ESTEEM, BODY IMAGE, CULTURE/RACE, IDENTITY, EDUCATION, HEALTH, WEALTH, HAIR, FASHION, ENTERTAINMENT, etc. 


Regal Realness is about staying true to your self—the real you (culture, identity, heritage) while empowering you for the throne as the regal (empowered, educated, motivated, and determined) woman you are becoming. It is about staying true to yourself but becoming a women of excellence all at the same time.  We believe that you don’t have to give up who you are or where you are from to become a woman of great character, of great morals, of great presence, of great intelligence, and of great success.

Your crown was paid for long ago. You were born into royalty contrary to popular belief. Psalms 139-13-14 states, “[You] were beautifully and wonderfully made.” You were born great. You have a dream and a purpose inside of you. You have a life of meaning ahead of you. Regal Realness wants to encourage and empower you daily to feel happy, loved, smart, and confident in who you are so that nothing seems impossible in this world!

Meet the Founder/Editor

(The Regal Realness DIVA herself): T.RENEE  


Who am I? Writer, Blogger, Teacher, Visonary, and Women Empowernista!

How can I contact you? trenee@regalrealness.com

Why did I start this blog?  I am very passionate about empowering women of color to be confident, cultured, creative, and cute (…fabulous too)!!!

This has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl reading American Girl books, Essence Magazine and starting my own book club in middle school with my friends called, Black Girls Have Power Club. It has always been important to me that girls and women recognize their worth, and never settle for less. Since I have had such great role models, mentors, and a wonderful mother who really cultivated my interests and passions I wish to share this with others. I strongly believe that to whom much is given, much is expected.

How can readers stay connected to Regal Realness?

Join over 1,000 women and men on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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How can you contribute?

Spread the word, follow the blog above, join the e-mail listand if you are a writter/blogger send in a guest submission to be posted.

What other great things are in store for Regal Realness readers and followers?

Our new website with a new logo will  officially launch soon, more giveaways, products and services are being made, a book (The Regal Girl’s Guide…) is in the works, more event coverage and current news is coming, offline events such as Regal happy hours are being planned, and more! Stay tuned!!!  

Regal Realness —> Where “real” recognizes “real”…excellence is always at the top of this girl’s list!

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