How Loving My Hair Taught Me Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance

       Now I know I am not a hair expert or nowhere near being a stylist. Never have been. But, since embarking on my healthy hair journey last summer I can’t help but feel like I am starting to finally understand my own wavy, curly tresses! Still I am no expert and as a result my hair has taught me everything (well almost everything!) I know about patience, persistence, and perseverance.

The fact that are so many products, so many tips, so many to try, so many methods to try is mind boggling. Time consuming and unpredictable at times. The trial and error that goes into being a product tester (aka junkie!) is a lot of work. Twisting, curling, rolling, pineappling, and the whole nine yards is work, too! But, once you get it, you get it! It is like a happy moment.

It has taught me the meaning of patience…good things come to those who wait and WORK at it! Taking care of your hair is no easy task, especially when you just start learning. For centuries many of us were denied the proper knowledge to have these “how to’s” and “go-tos” to help us take care of our own hair. I am happy to say that with so much knowledge, videos, and word of mouth this can now be passed down to our daughters (nope don’t have one quite yet though!)

I’ve also learn to be persistent and persevere through the trial and errors. I now chalk things up to “you live and you learn” instead of getting easily mad or frustrated when things don’t go my way or turn out as I had hoped…and yes, I learned this all from the hair that grows out of my head!

Guess what, those three P’s sure have paid off for me with my hair which has grown tremendously and is so healthy and shiny! In other areas of my life as well because I ACCEPTED my hair journey flaws and all, stuck with it, patiently awaited my hair to come back to health, and embraced that TRIAL AND ERROR ARE FACTS OF LIFE THAT ARE NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS, and GREATNESS IS THE RESULT OF HARD WORK, FAILURE AND RISK-TAKING! Now those are some life lessons for ya!

What has your hair journey taught you about life?

9 Ways to Tell If You Are a Confident Woman


Are you the woman that men love and women admire (sometimes envy)? Find out if you got what it takes to be seen as a confident woman. The type that little girls want to emulate and grown woman want to celebrate and collaborate with! This my friend is when you have achieved Regal Realness. Have regal are you?


1. You know your worth

You recognize that you are REGAL. A woman who is worthy of all good things: good life, good men, good food, good jobs, good shoes, good blessings, etc.

2. You accept yourself flaws and all

You have accepted your REAL self. You know you are not perfect. You know you are flawed yet still beautiful and worthy. You know that your failures, setbacks, mistakes, and past hurts do not define you. Yet, you embrace them, forgive them, heal yourself from them.

3. You look in the mirror and smile

When you look in the mirror you see beauty. You see the most beautiful girl in the world. You are not complaining or fussing in your head or aloud. And if it has to do with your weight, you have recognized that “when you love yourself, your weight will take care of itself.” Thus, you don’t focus most of your time in the mirror on any flaws you may have.

4. You see other women as collaborators rather than competition

You recognize that there will always be someone better then you. But, you don’t see other woman as competition rather you compliment them on their success, and instead seek to collaborate with them and use their talents, strengths, and abilities to enhance your own and vice versa.

5.  You inspire others to want better

When you start inspiring other men and women to want better lives, and to think more highly of themselves then you are empowering people to be more confident.

6. Your presence is obvious and noticed

People recognize you when you speak or enter a room and say no words. A man can recognize your regal realness without you saying a word. This attracts him because he knows he will have to work harder to get a woman who knows who she is and what she wants out of life. If you are unforgettable in a positive way…you are glowing from the inside out!

7. You attract good men

You notice you attract new kinds of men to you. You attract ones who are serious, committed, loyal, respectful, romantic, and possibly interested in marriage. You also recognize how comfortable you are in the presence of men and while in relationships.

8. You take pride in your appearance

You walk out of the house fierce and fly. You rock your own unique style, and you own it! You don’t look run down, sloppy, or all over the place. It is evident you out thought into what you were going to wear, and you put effort into doing your hair for the day. You can tell you love your hair by its baeauty and care. You recognize your body type and pair it with your own style, and dress accordingly. Often times making a fashion statement.

9. You are living your dreams

You are  working towards or living out the life you have always dreamed of. You may help others build their dreams, but you also invest quality time in your own dream or hustle!

What other traits would you add to the list?






Must Have Curly Hair Products + CURLKIT!


I am a product junkie! I have been trying out product after product for YEARS!!! Especially when it comes to my hair. For years, I struggled to find the right products to get the shine and defined curls I’ve always imagined. Not until now after a full year of intense and consistent trial and error have I found products that really work and make me look so regal!!!

I am hype in case you can’t tell! Finding the right products for your hair is not only a journey but it can be a challenge!!! I have found my new curly loves and in the process found out a great way to try out samples of products at a low cost! Without further ado allow me to introduce these products:

And of course I think you should give them a shot if you haven’t already!!! FYI girls, I am in no way shape or form being paid to share this experience or recommend these products. These are prodcts you may have or may have not seen before which will depend on your natural hair product knowledge (aka whether you are a junkie or not already!) Also, some of these products can be used on relaxed or natural hair, curly, kinky, or straight.

As I Am Products

Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner–Great for shampooing mid week with product build up!! It smells heavenly! I don’t use as a cowash though.


Curling Jelly– Love, love it!

It has defined my curls so well! I just love it…the texture is a little slimy and it should be washed out after about 2-3 days due to build up and possible flaking.

Looking to define your curls more? This is WORTH trying!


Curl Kit

My first one just arrived in the mail! This is a paid subscription for only $20 a month to get a box full of hair goodies! Some are sample and others are full sized products for you to try out and see how they work for your hair. It saves a ton of money, and it is a great way to sample products monthly. Here is a picture of the box I received which included: Crazy Sexy Cool Curls, Aunt Jackie Knot on My Watch Detangle Theraphy, Ur Curly Curl Enhancers, III Sisters of Nature Natural Lengthening Creme, Ily Beauty Adore Leave-In Conditioner, Nice and Curly Curl Me Up Curly Pudding, and a brown flower hair tie. So I will see how these products work for my curly top.

Get 10% off when you order, here is the code:

December 2012 CurlKit

December 2012 CurlKit


I tried the 100% Olive Oil and loved it too…it I use a mositurizer with it and it worked wonders. Sometimes I pair a little with the As I Am Curling Jelly and my curls really sing!!!  This is a really inexpensive product that works great with wash and gos.


Ultra Black Hair

UBH Deep Conditioner —Love it! It works wonders!! I can instantly feel the difference right after using it.

UBH Creme Satin Moisturizer– Love it too! I use this on a daily basis.

P.S. Plus I have the book too which is great info for having healthy hair!


Products I Still Want to Try:


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Have you used any of these? What were your results?

What are your favorite products?

Gifts for Your Girls: 8 Great Ideas for the Women In Your Life


The holiday season is among us, and it excites me! It is the time of year that brings together family, food, fun, and friends. Our friends especially our girls are the ones who keep us feeling grounded, focused, loved, and inspired. Our girls and other women in our lives deserve to know how much we care about them. Gift giving is one of the main ways we can show our appreciation. This post is inspired by and sponsored by my crew the Bloggers Like Me Girls. In addition, I vow to make a stronger commitment to being a better friend to my BLM girls and my girlfriends who I love and wish to see more of in 2013 (this is a resolution, of course!)

Without further ado, here are  8 great gift ideas for the ladies in your life! P.S. Some of these gifts are good for many different people in your life.

1. Nail Polish (Remix!)

What woman doesn’t like having pretty nails?

Great ways to jazz up a simple yet great gift!

Great ways to jazz up a simple yet great gift!


2. Bottle of Wine  and Homemade Wine Glass

Pair her favorite wine with a glass that you personalize just for her!


Personalize her bubbly experience with a glass like this.



3. Jewelry and/or  Jewelry holder ( My favorite!)

Pick out a piece she will love whether it is earrings, a necklace, or bracelet. Then give her a unique way to organize her fabulous jewelry!


4.  Homemade Goodies

Put a little love into your gift!!! Make something by hand that gives a warm and fuzzy feeling to the recipient. Mt favorite thing to make our chocolate and vanilla covered pretzels. They are quick to make and always a hit!

Check out some more great ideas here: 37 Gifts in a Jar Ideas (including: cookie mix, pie, soup mix, cupcakes, candy, etc in a jar!)

Cookies in a jar...yum! This is a quick and easy gift to put together.

Cookies in a jar…yum! This is a quick and easy gift to put together.

5.  Scarf (Another favorite)

Keep her nice and warm this season. If she likes to be fashionable, spice up her wardrobe with a new cute scarf!

Photo Credit: The versatility of the scarf is amazing!

Photo Credit:
The versatility of the scarf is amazing!

6.  Good Reads

Books!! Keep her knowledgeable and empowered with a book like Beautylicious:The Black Girls Guide to the Fabulous Life or Ebony Editor & Cheif Amy Dubois Barnett’s, Get Yours!: How to Have Everything You Ever Dreamed Of .  Another great book list to check out is 6 Books to Raise Your Cultural Consciousness. Also, consider getting a subscription to her favorite magazine such as: O, Essence, Glamour…whatever piques her interest!


A fabulous read…every girl needs this on their shelf!

Great read and it has pages for you to write in your goals for getting yours!

Great read and it has pages for you to write in your goals for getting yours!

7. Favorite Movies or TV Shows

Pick up some sister girl classics such as Waiting to Exhale or Love Jones, or throw in something newer like For Colored Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, or Scandal Season One.

Olivia is one bad chick! Offer someone the opportunity to experience Ms. Pope!

Olivia is one bad chick! Offer someone the opportunity to experience Ms. Pope!

8.  Hair Products

Is she growing long healthy hair or has she recently went natural? Then embrace this and order or purchase her favorite products.


This post is powered by #BLMGirls. You can also check out other posts from our #BLMBlogHop by visiting this link and learn more about #BLMGirls here:

Did I miss any gift ideas? Share below!

Rapunzel The Future of Hair Giveaway

In honor of my birthday and the start of my new hair journey Regal Realness is offering a Giveaway sponsored by Rapunzel the Future Hair. See below for details on how to win!



1. Like Regal Realness on Facebook

2. Like Rapunzel The Future of Hair on Facebook

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4. Read and comment on Regal Realness’s latest blog post: I Like My Hair Kinky and Messy, How About You?

Regal Interview: SHALENA D.I.V.A.

I have been following Shalena D.I.V.A. for the past three months online, and she inspires me daily! She is one sister who is uplifting and empowering women, and allowing us to share in her journey with her as she goes from being an everyday Philly girl from a rough neighborhood to an empowered and determined CEO of her own enterprise, please enjoy the story and wisdom of Ms. Shalena D.I.V.A.: The Purpose Driven DIVA

RR: Is there a motto you live by? Or something that motivates you daily?

SD: “I am large. I contain multitude.” –Walt Whitman. I just always thought I was larger than myself and my circumstances. That’s what propelled me to live out my dreams. Also, I do a daily prayer call at 5am (eastern time) and that keeps me motivated every day.”

RR: Tell Me About Yourself

SD: “I grew up in South Philadelphia in a drug infested and rough neighborhood.  I saw family members and friends killed. My father got hooked on drugs, and contracted HIV, and my stepfather was a drug dealer. Drugs destroyed my family. One night I actually witnessed my stepfather being kidnapped. They eventually freed him, and almost killed my little brother and I saw my life flash before me. The FBI came through my house, and his reign came to an end. Through all of this I still had a strong desire to graduate from high school and go to college.

I use to walk over crack viles, but I was determined. I was awarded a scholarship to UPenn, an Ivy League school, and my family did not support my vision to go to Duke University. I knew I didn’t want to stay in Philadelphia. I was determined to be whatever I wanted to be in life.  I was a loner, and I said to myself “I will do this alone if I have to.” It also foreshadowed me to start working for an insurance company which was so boring. I envisioned helping people and I left that job in 2006. I took a gamble, and went against the grain again. It was a rocky road. To me my happiness was more important.

So, after that I got engaged and had my son in December 2008…I was living the perfect life on the outside. But, I hit rock bottom in 2009. I felt like something was missing. I connected more with myself spiritually, and I started to go back to GOD; shortly after I started to empower women.”

RR: Why did you start

SD: “I started it to help women become clear about who and where they are. I trademarked Shalena DIVA as a brand, and made it into a corporation. The DIVA stands for: Discover, Invest, Value, and Appreciate your God given talents

RR: What types of events, services, or products do you offer to empower women?

SD: “Currently, people can write for the website and give themselves a voice. I also co-created a women’s empowerment online camp called, Passion Academy with Aprille Franks-Hunte. I am starting to move to more off-line events such as my  book launch! One of my mentors said you need a book with your work, and you’re going to have a launch. I just had my first event on August 25, 2012 in Philadelphia. I wanted it to be my first off-line event…it just had to be different. It was me combining my musical and acting background with my empowerment background! I am also a new co-host of an online show called, Smooches. I do the mind, body, soul section of the show.

I want to do “100 Dresses: Let’s Bring Classy Back” again which is to give dresses to 100 women as a call to action…let’s bring classy back and be sexy. I will start teaching healthy hair classes on Powhow. It is interactive and paid classes. I want to empower black women especially to take care of their hair. It helped me take care of my body better and manage my time better. I also want to empower mothers and daughters because imparting to our little girls how to take care of their hair will increase them telling their family and friends about how to take care their hair.”

RR: I saw that you wrote an e-book, tell us more and where we can buy this item?

Shalena knows how to market herself like a ROCKSTAR!!! Reasons why I love her and learn from her!

SD: “I wrote an E-Book called, Fire Your Friends: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Her Own Best Friend. I thought of a creative way of imparting life lessons along the way to my followers. What better way than through their girlfriends? I’ve learned that you have to be your own best friend. There will be different personalities you need in your life. Wow, what would K.I.M. (keep it moving) say in a certain situation. Kim is like “look I don’t have time for this” if anybody gets in your way. Kim doesn’t take BS. I believe everyone has an inner Oprah also known as an inner genius. Genius is based around your natural gifts leading your heart. You have to be mentally strong and prepared. Trust that God is only going to remove what he needs to. It’s going to be okay.

Then there is, Pearl (she is your sweetheart who never judges you and shows you how to dig deep. Shows you how to use your gifts and talents to take “grits of sand”) People love Pearl. She shows you how to write your own story. L.Y.L.A (Living In Life Affirmative) she is your inner cheerleader and is fun, and believes in you no matter what.) She’s the one who does the “I AM” Factor.

Then there is Failure, she is your girlfriend from back in the day, and ya’ll use to go to Kindergarten together…every now and then you see her and she knows when something is wrong with you. Failure is to disarm the notion that you are her best friend. She shows you how to re-seek your plans and I think she reminds me of a “Queen Latifah” character. She would sound like, “Girl, if you don’t stop playing.” I wanted people to see failure differently in my book.”

“Those characters are girlfriends! People go home and call their girlfriends! But, what about the woman who doesn’t have girlfriends or family? If you have family you are blessed. But, we have to look inside, and stop looking for other people to validate us. These girlfriends can help you do that. We need to check ourselves a little bit more. For followers unable to afford my coaching they can still get my ideas through my e-book. This book is available for purchase NOW”

RR: What has been the most rewarding/challenging part of starting

SD: “Rewarding is really helping women to see how great they really are, and helping them move beyond their past. I tell them that now you can inspire other women who have been where you have been. Challenging…expanding and growing and needing help now. I can’t do everything by myself anymore. Also being consistent.”

RR: How has starting changed your life personally and professionally?

SD: “Professionally…it has helped me become the women that God created me to be.”

RR: What advice would you give to “Twentysomething” women of color?

SD: “Listen to your intuition….we hear a voice inside of us. God gave it to us for a reason. If you feel that a person isn’t for you. That intuition could save you from anything. Be aware of emotional abuse…if you’re in a relationship or with people or put you down or complain for example that you like to look nice. If they find ways to constantly put you down…then get out of the relationship or distance yourself if they are a family member. You don’t want to be 40 dealing with something from when you were 20.” Don’t even tolerate it!”

RR: Where do you see and yourself in 5 years? Explain your idea of the “I AM factor.”

SD: “I see myself as a household brand to be reckoned with. I want to have a nationally syndicated radio show, online TV show, or be on TV, and be a highly sought after coach. Bestseller a few times over, and be married! Diversify my brand (Shalena DIVA Shoes, perfume, clothing, etc). I’m going to be in your house. I always dreamed of being on my local WHYY…that’s going to be me on there. Internationally, traveling the world and helping women unleash their inner DIVA. I got the “I AM” factor from Donald Lawrence’s sermon. I listened to it and it resonated with me because it showed me that we have more control over our lives then we think we do. What we put out in the atmosphere will come follow you and chase you down—positive and negative. In the song he says,  “Confess that I am, I am.”  He told a congregation, “Let the weak say I’m strong, and they were like what? We’re are not strong. And he said believe that you are strong. Say I am.”  So I started doing it…it is amazing how well it works! If you are fearful don’t say “I am not afraid.” Say “I am courageous.” “I can do all things.” “I am a radio host. I am a TV host.” Before I learned about this I didn’t have people asking for interviews. Now look at where I am. I spoke at UPenn and was referred to speak at LaSalle University in August. I was asked to be a co-host, and Powhow picked me to be a Healthy Hair Instructor even though it is really competitive to get selected. I also am starting my own hair line. I am currently working on the conditioner.”

RR: Where can readers find more info and resources from you?

SD: Visit: can sign up to receive my weekly e-mail newsletter. “Like” my Facebook: www.

RR: When you think of the word regal what comes to mind?

SD: “Royalty. Purple. Royal. Regal woman that has great posture stands up tall, walks in and embodies everything GOD has intended for you. Fabulous. Beautiful without apology.”

RR: When you think of the word real what comes to mind?

SD:Someone who can laugh, cry, and is in touch with their feelings and with themselves. Spiritually centered. Love themselves. Because they love themselves.  Because their cup is overflowing. Not taking life to serious and you being you and loving who you are.”

RR: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

SD: “I am proud of young women like you who are giving people a voice. You are shining a light, and believe it or not giving people an invitation.”

Culture,Curls, & Confidence: Why I Love the Natural Hair Movement

I love the natural hair movement! It is a new phenomenon that has completely shifted the way many women of color care for their hair. It reminds me of the 1970’s and 1980’s during the Black Power and Black Feminist movements. It certainly has its pros and its cons. Some women may feel left out if they are relaxed, or kinks may seem more valued than curls, society may turn up their noses at the site of a tight curl, transitioning without a big chop can be a ball of frustration, and family members may not embrace twist outs and other protective styles as ‘good enough’. But, despite the many reservations women have about the natural hair revolution there are many reasons why I, a relaxed but soon-to be- transitioner, love this movement:

1. It Inspires and Sparks Creativity
All of the gorgeous photos I see on a daily basis, and the level of confidence that these women have is inspiring! It also motivates other black women to give it a try, and it gives them a visual of results. It makes a relaxed girl consider going natural just by seeing just how healthy, long, and versatile black hair can really be. Additionally, it can shift a girl’s confidence and personal style just by changing her hair! It brings a level of creativity that often gets buried in the normal hustle and bustle of life.

2. It Takes Us Back To Our Roots (Literally!)
Deciding to embark on a healthy hair journey whether relaxed or natural really allows women to learn about themselves, and in the process brings them closer to their culture. By learning about your hair consequently your learning about a part of you that is historical and traditional. It connects Black women back to their culture and roots. It brings a new sense of freedom, especially when getting the big chop or surviving the transition phase. Black hair is political whether we want to admit or not. It makes a statement regardless of our intentions, but most importantly it shouts to the world that you are not afraid to be your true, authentic self. Embracing your hair is embracing your cultural background too believe it or not.

READ the rest of the article at DE Naturalistas Blog where this post was published as a guest post:

5 Things I Learned About Growing Black Hair


I love natural hair! I think I have very beautiful natural hair although I don’t wear it often, but I love my wavy hair just as much as my straight hair. Over the years I started to not take care of my hair, and quite frankly got mad that my short hair took so much more work to manage. Both frustrating and annoying, however my hair never grew back. It still isn’t back to the original length. So you mean to tell me that every other race can grow their hair back in a snap, but black girls can’t. So not true! Black hair just requires different care, and it grows just as healthy and long as every other girl’s hair. Sadly, most black girls don’t know this. Nor are they educated on the science and proper care of healthy black hair. It’s not like they teach it in hair salons wish was always one of my biggest pet peeves with salons. Maybe it isn’t their job, but shouldn’t they know best? Or so I thought.

In this wake of the natural hair revolution many girls are contemplating whether they will join. However, all of the blogs, articles, terms, products, etc can be overwhelming. This is part of the reason I didn’t care to delve deeper into it. Until now, I enrolled in a free online “Healthy Hair Bootcamp” from which has been so helpful! Now I feel free and liberated. I’m not an expert at this, but I did learn a great deal.

Here are 5 things I learned about growing healthy black hair this week. Words in italics are (natural hair terminology). You can find definitions and more info by googling the info:

1. You need to be committed

Starting a healthy hair journey takes time, dedication, and commitment to consistently take care of your hair. This is not an overnight process. This is a lifestyle change similar to changing how you eat to lose weight. It’s a change in how you see your hair and care for it. You need to know your hair type as, well. This will be useful when selecting products or following others who share their journeys via YouTube (you will get addicted!) or blogs.

2. You need a healthy hair regimen and products that work for your hair!

This is a must! It must include at minimum: Moisturizing shampoo (w/ no sulfate), moisturizing conditioner, deep conditioner, moisturizer, and sealing product (ie. castor oil)…basic regimens are easier for beginners. You need products that work for your hair. What works for one person may not work for you. Part of this journey is trial and error with products which may be frustrating. Many also make their own products at home! Shampoo should occur weekly, deep condition weekly, and moisturize/seal daily. Black hair is very dry compared to other races so you need to keep it moisturized daily! The number one reason why it breaks, and never grows is lack of moisture for retention. You need to drink more water and give your hair water, too!

There is also pre-pooing (pre-shampoo only if your shampoo has sulfate in it) and co-washing (washing hair with a conditioner only), as well which I didn’t learn about in depth because I will not be using these in my own regimen.

3. Heat must be kept to once per week at minimum

Heat damages the hair excessively. If you need to blow dry, instead put on cool setting or air dry. A hood dryer is better. Instead of heat everyday, hair should be wrapped at night for a relaxed style or put into protective styling (braids outs, twists, bantu knots, wigs) daily

4.You can do a big chop or grow out a relaxer

If you want to transition you can do the “big chop” and chop off all of your relaxed ends or you can grow out your relaxer. Women usually choose the “big chop” because it is freeing and a fresh start. Women who grow hair out may find it challenging to maintain two hair textures once the relaxer starts to come out, but as long as you find protective styles that work for you—you will be fine! Two important notes: It is also important to get ends clipped to maintain a chic look. Clipping ends don’t necessarily lead to hair growth though. Second, you can still grow healthy, long hair with relaxers if you want to continue with it.

5. Join a hair community

It is important that you join a hair community particularly online that can help inspire, educate, and empower you to follow through on your journey. Great blogs such as:, Carol’s Daughter Transitioning Movement website, Black Girl Long Hair Blog, or DE Naturalistas are great places to find a community. Communities are great because as you go through your process friends, family, and significant others may not be supportive especially, with the changes and even with some of the protective styles you use. On the other hand, they may be very supportive which is a plus! Online communities and Facebook groups are inspiring!

I didn’t cover everything here, but this is the basic essence of it all!! Keep learning and reading more if you want to get the healthy hair you want! Products to consider trying:

Rapunzel The Future of Hair-

Bee Mine Hair Products –

Carol’s Daughter-

Ultra Black Hair Growth-

The Politics of Black Hair: 5 Truths Melissa Harris-Perry’s Panel Combs Through

Check out my article on the politics of black hair over at Urban Cusp. Urban is a cutting-edge online magazine highlighting progressive urban culture, faith, social justice, and global awareness.

The Politics of Black Hair: 5 Truths Melissa Harris-Perry’s Panel Combs Through

Professor and Author Melissa Harris-Perry hosts one of the newest shows on MSNBC. She is constantly discussing and challenging the status quo in relations to politics and culture. As the natural hair revolution takes root and the conversations on black hair continue, Perry tackles this topic with a panel of natural hair African American women including: actress Nicole Ari Parker, natural hair blogger Nikki Walton, Professor Anthea Butler, and cultural critic Joan Morgan.

Perry notes in the opening of the show that it was time to do a show on “black hair” as most of the feedback for her show mentions her hair, which is braided. She goes on to review the basics of black hair for all viewers who don’t understand why black hair is always such a hot button topic for some. While others are upset at the idea of her “Black Hair 101” teaching as if we didn’t already know our own hair, Perry and her panelists get a few things right and her teachable moment hopefully sank in for those who don’t understand that the hair that grows out of the black woman’s head is as political as the election this year. Beauty, acceptance, and power are tangled up in black hair. Here are five truths this panel left viewers with:

Read the rest at: