Eating Myself Beautiful: Stop Making Excuses for Not Eating Right


Meet Annette Larkins! She ate her way to a beautiful body and life!

Inspiring! Watch her story

I discovered her a few weeks ago while browsing online.

So as some may know I started my health journey last week. I started out with a three week detox which consists of me becoming a vegan for three weeks (too bad I snuck in a really tiny piece of chicken this week..but no worries here!). Read about my journey here and the detox I’m following in my previous post.

After my first week, I lost 5 pounds!!! But, in return I have gained a whole new way of being in the world!
Now, I read food labels like nobody’s business, can turn down a high fat and caloried meal in seconds, and have not felt sluggish in a week and a half!

I am convinced that you eat your way to good health and a better life. Although I am not pushing you to make this switch becuase I did. But, if Annette can do it, then I know we all can too!! It is proof in the pudding. After reading more about clean eating and watching weight loss stories on Youtube I refuse to give up. I can do this.

As I watch my body and mind transform I couldn’t be happier. It is not always easy I will admit, but it is the best decision and commitment I’ve ever made for myself. The ability to take care of oneself is an act of empowerment that leads to a more fabulous life.

If I want to be an ageless beauty (this has always been my dream…I especially want to be featured in Essence one day at 60 looking like I am 20! Annette, pictured above, reminds me that this is possible! I will continue on my journey to eat myself beautiful!!!

9 Ways to Tell If You Are a Confident Woman


Are you the woman that men love and women admire (sometimes envy)? Find out if you got what it takes to be seen as a confident woman. The type that little girls want to emulate and grown woman want to celebrate and collaborate with! This my friend is when you have achieved Regal Realness. Have regal are you?


1. You know your worth

You recognize that you are REGAL. A woman who is worthy of all good things: good life, good men, good food, good jobs, good shoes, good blessings, etc.

2. You accept yourself flaws and all

You have accepted your REAL self. You know you are not perfect. You know you are flawed yet still beautiful and worthy. You know that your failures, setbacks, mistakes, and past hurts do not define you. Yet, you embrace them, forgive them, heal yourself from them.

3. You look in the mirror and smile

When you look in the mirror you see beauty. You see the most beautiful girl in the world. You are not complaining or fussing in your head or aloud. And if it has to do with your weight, you have recognized that “when you love yourself, your weight will take care of itself.” Thus, you don’t focus most of your time in the mirror on any flaws you may have.

4. You see other women as collaborators rather than competition

You recognize that there will always be someone better then you. But, you don’t see other woman as competition rather you compliment them on their success, and instead seek to collaborate with them and use their talents, strengths, and abilities to enhance your own and vice versa.

5.  You inspire others to want better

When you start inspiring other men and women to want better lives, and to think more highly of themselves then you are empowering people to be more confident.

6. Your presence is obvious and noticed

People recognize you when you speak or enter a room and say no words. A man can recognize your regal realness without you saying a word. This attracts him because he knows he will have to work harder to get a woman who knows who she is and what she wants out of life. If you are unforgettable in a positive way…you are glowing from the inside out!

7. You attract good men

You notice you attract new kinds of men to you. You attract ones who are serious, committed, loyal, respectful, romantic, and possibly interested in marriage. You also recognize how comfortable you are in the presence of men and while in relationships.

8. You take pride in your appearance

You walk out of the house fierce and fly. You rock your own unique style, and you own it! You don’t look run down, sloppy, or all over the place. It is evident you out thought into what you were going to wear, and you put effort into doing your hair for the day. You can tell you love your hair by its baeauty and care. You recognize your body type and pair it with your own style, and dress accordingly. Often times making a fashion statement.

9. You are living your dreams

You are  working towards or living out the life you have always dreamed of. You may help others build their dreams, but you also invest quality time in your own dream or hustle!

What other traits would you add to the list?






Do you believe in The Secret? Making 2013 the Year of YOU!!!

thesecret    The Secret is an ancient concept. It is not new by any means. It has stirred great controversy for some, particularly the religious. The question is, do you believe in the secret? According to The Secret, which involves the law of attraction is the belief that everything that you want is possible if you envision it first. It follows the cliché: If you can see it, you can be it, if you believe it, you can achieve it.

There is truth to the secret, except it really isn’t a secret at all since people have known this for centuries. So then why is it called the secret? Perhaps because most people fail to believe in it. I for one, believe it, wholeheartedly. I have seen its power. Most likely because I am a dreamer. I am a doer. I am a thinker. I am an achiever. I believe inside and out that I am great. I believe strongly that I am to be loved, respected, wealthy, and thankful! I believe all people should live good lives, and that all people can be great. I’ve always believed that. Maybe that’s why I am a teacher by day and a women empowerment blogger by night. It is all aligned because I believed it, I prayed about it, I worked towards it, and because I ENVISIONED IT!


It is my belief that thoughts become things. Thoughts are real! The fact that you can visualize in your head how people look or act or how what I read in a book looks in real life is not a coincidence. The fact that tons of women envision what their ideal man will be like or the wedding day is not a coincidence. Though we get mad if we don’t get that. That doesn’t mean the secret is failing us. That means we have not aligned our thoughts with our core values and beliefs. It means we are not being totally REAL with ourselves. I am guilty of this in certain areas of my life such as my health whereas other areas such as my career I am a rock star at this!

Anything you want to change about your life can be done! It all starts with you. It starts with you recognize the not so secret to having anything you want in life. This simply means you need to get clear with yourself about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT OU REALLY WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE LIKE. Then visualize it!

What do you look like at your ideal weight?

What does your future husband look like?

At your day job, how do you really want to feel?

When you look at your bank account, what do the numbers look like?

A goal is just a wish until it is written down, and without a vision the people perish. Perish no more my friend!

Get with it in 2013. Hell, why not start now!

Regal Realness will be starting its first Regal Girl Challenge:

“2013 Vision Board Challenge” in one week!

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Vision Board: A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and desires



When you actually let your dreams out and put it to paper you would be amazed at what you accomplish!


Are you up for the challenge?

Are you ready to unleash all of your SECRET dreams and desires to the world so you can start making BIG moves in 2013?

Why Black Women Need to Fight for Mental Health

By:  Guest Blogger Michelle Gilliam of Black with the Blues

Since the time we arrived here as slaves, black women have had to continually evolve in order to survive the oppressive forces placed on us. From the Reconstruction Era to the second wave feminist movement in the 1970’s, black women juggled the responsibilities of being the breadwinner and having to tend to stereotypical motherly duties. Even nowadays, many take in nieces, nephews, grandchildren, foster kids, etc.

As matriarchs of our communities, black women have historically been leaders who others rely on for emotional and financial support. For this reason, we should take our responsibilities a step further and lead the fight against mental illness.

As pillars of our communities, we have the strength needed to combat the ignorance and stigma that keeps people from getting the help they need. Because of socioeconomic and psychological factors, black people the rates of mental illness are disproportionately higher than other races in America. Black people make up approximately 25% of the mental health needs in this country though they only make up 12- 13% of the national population!

Untreated mental health is often the reason behind the poor quality of our schools, violence in our streets and the breakdown of our families. Black people, women especially, often believe it is necessary to be strong even during difficult times. Symptoms of certain mental illnesses such as depression and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) are often viewed as signs of weakness and poor character. These falsehoods only feed into the stigma causing those affected additional pain.

Just like we remember to attend each school board meeting, and how we always show up at every protest, black women should exercise that same urgency and rally against poor mental health care in our communities. We need to be creative with our strategies, as well. For instance, churches are leading institutions where people turn to for guidance, charity, health care, food and sense of community. How incredible would it be for us to start the dialogue there? Some churches already offer marriage counseling.Why not expand upon that and offer support groups and have licensed mental health professionals donate some of their time?

If our elderly parents become lethargic and withdrawn, it is possible that they aren’t just getting old and may instead be depressed. That “crazy” cousin of ours can very well have an illness associated with paranoia from which they can seek treatment from. Mental illnesses are never contagious, but rarely affect just the person suffering.  The possibilities are endless and we, as black women, can have a huge impact on the state of our community. We truly need to be at the forefront in the fight against mental illness within our communities in order to see a change occur!

Do you agree? Why do you think women try to be strong even during difficult times? How can we change this?