Eating Myself Beautiful: Stop Making Excuses for Not Eating Right


Meet Annette Larkins! She ate her way to a beautiful body and life!

Inspiring! Watch her story

I discovered her a few weeks ago while browsing online.

So as some may know I started my health journey last week. I started out with a three week detox which consists of me becoming a vegan for three weeks (too bad I snuck in a really tiny piece of chicken this week..but no worries here!). Read about my journey here and the detox I’m following in my previous post.

After my first week, I lost 5 pounds!!! But, in return I have gained a whole new way of being in the world!
Now, I read food labels like nobody’s business, can turn down a high fat and caloried meal in seconds, and have not felt sluggish in a week and a half!

I am convinced that you eat your way to good health and a better life. Although I am not pushing you to make this switch becuase I did. But, if Annette can do it, then I know we all can too!! It is proof in the pudding. After reading more about clean eating and watching weight loss stories on Youtube I refuse to give up. I can do this.

As I watch my body and mind transform I couldn’t be happier. It is not always easy I will admit, but it is the best decision and commitment I’ve ever made for myself. The ability to take care of oneself is an act of empowerment that leads to a more fabulous life.

If I want to be an ageless beauty (this has always been my dream…I especially want to be featured in Essence one day at 60 looking like I am 20! Annette, pictured above, reminds me that this is possible! I will continue on my journey to eat myself beautiful!!!