5 Life Lessons Beyonce’s Documentary Reminded Me Of


I finally caught the replay of Beyonce’s highly anticipated documentary, Life is a But a Dream. It was so powerful I just had to write about it. As I watched I felt moved by Bey’s vulnerability and honesty in regards to her life and experiences. It takes a strong woman to disclose such personal information in a way that is both tasteful and non-intrusive to her life. There were so many aspects of that she shared that connected me instantly.

Whenever I see great women speak I always feel an instant connection of spirits. As I know deep inside that I was meant to be great just as them. After watching I was overcome with emotion because Beyonce reminded me of some of the best life lessons I’ve learned too, and ones that all woman should learn as early as possible. So here they are:

1.Everyone has a purpose and can be great

It is evident that Tina and Matthew Knowles cultivated their baby’s gifts and talents early in life. Hence, the reason why she is a powerhouse to be reckoned with now. Imagine if all parent’s did this. It reminded me of how thankful I am that my mother always did the same for me.
Beyonce’s drive and passion for her work is directly linked to the fact that she has found her purpose in life, and has worked her tail off to be great. To be the best. Now, that is genius right there.

2.You create the life you want to live

Beyonce lives a beautiful life but only because she created it. She envisioned it and then she lived it. She has people around her that also speak to and pray to her ability to be great. Beyonce appeared to be very strategic about living even so much so that she even mentions that she always struggle with figuring out how much she should reveal. Strategic thinkers create the life of their dreams. How are you thinking about your life at the present moment?

If this isn’t the best life lesson I’ve ever learned then I don’t know what is. Not quite sure where I learned this for the first time but it is the most important one in my book.

3. You must take risk even at the cost of losing people, places, or things

Beyonce took a risk when she let her father go to become independent. Letting her father go was painful for her, but she also recognized how valuable being independent was for her. She gained an even greater appreciation for him once she realized how great a job he did preparing her to be a business woman.  In the end her risk taking resulted in making a  decision that was necessary and needed in order for her to grow into the woman she is today.

4.To whom much is given, much is required

This is a life lesson I also learned early on because this is the story of my life. Beyonce felt the same way. No doubt, she is super blesse,d but as a result so much is expected of her. This is why she is constantly slammed and praised in the media for her every move. Can you imagine living your life in the public eye like her? I know I couldn’t.

5. Telling your own story and truth is very powerful

Instead of hearing the tabloids and he said, she said Beyonce telling her own story on her own terms was a powerful force! Hearing her truth from her lips help me to connect to her as a woman and as a human being. I could feel what she was saying as opposed to reading a headline declaring something about her.

Telling your story heals you and it also connects you with others which was her intention. She reminded me of the tremendous power womanhood has and the beauty of being an imperfectly perfect human being.

What lessons were you reminded of or learn for the first time?

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Three Winter 2013 Fashion Trends to Rock NOW!

Naomi Campbell..stunning and regal!

Naomi Campbell..stunning and regal!

It is cold outside! Fur is always in for winter, but find out what is in for 2013. Start your new year off: FABULOUSLY AND FASHIONABLY! Here are three winter fashion trends to rock now on any budget girls!

Oversized Coats

These larger then life coats ripped through the runway at fashion week. If you want to stay up with the trends you will invest in one. Examples include parkas, ponchos, wide shoulder jackets, long coats, oversized collars, and draped fronts.  



 Thick heel pumps, booties, and thigh high boots are in for the season. As I continue on my quest to find the perfect boot for me I will keep this trend in mind!

Leisure Suits

From Beyonce to the runway suits in untraditional and traditional colors are popping up. Reminds of 1960’s/1970’s fashion. This is an informal and casual get up. If both top and bottom are too much pattern for you….try pairing the bottoms with a solid color top. Look out for this trend to pop up during spring and summer, too….PATTERNS ARE IN! These suits are also oversized and can be solid or patterned.

Which of these is your favorite?

25 Songs To Make You Feel FABULOUS & UNSTOPPABLE!

We all need a “pick me up” sometime! This list serves as that mood booster for you. No matter how fabulous and empowered you may be, there will always be time for you to get your groove on or even to get it back like Stella! Add these to your Ipod, make it a Pandora station, or get Youtube up and get jamming ladies!

1. Beyonce’- Run the World: Girls2. Mary MaryGod In Me

3. Mary MaryGo Get It—Regal Realness Theme Song!!!

4. Jill ScottWomanifesto

5. Jill ScottBlessed

6. Jill ScottGolden

7. Chaka KhanI Am Every Woman  

8. LedisiPieces of Me

9. Jessica ReedySomething Out of Nothing

10. Shaina TwainMan, I Feel Like A Woman

11.  Cindy LauperGirls Just Want to Have Fun

12. Mary J. BligeTake Me As I Am

13. En VogueFree Your Mind

14. Patti LabelleNew Attitude

15. Aretha FranklinRESPECT

16. EveSatisfaction

17.  Lil Kim feat, Da Brat, Angie Martinez, Lisa “left eye” Lopez, Missy Elliott Ladies Night

18. Mary J. BligeJust Fine 

19.  Christina Aguilera feat. Lil Kim Can’t Hold Us Down

20. India AireI’m Not Your Average Girl

21. Natasha BedingfieldUnwritten

22. EstelleShine

23. Destiny’s Child– Independent Women Pt. I and II 

24. Alicia KeysGirl on Fire

What other songs would you add to the list?