Are You Ready to Detox Your Mind, Body, and Soul for a Healthier Life?

What does detox mean to you? What do you need to let go of this year in order to live a fabulous and empowered life?

Detox to me is letting things go. Giving things up. Moving forward. Divorcing self from the past, and marrying the future!

Where I Went Wrong

This is my hope for the new year. Tomorrow I will officially start a lifestyle change. I am starting a journey to better my health and life. This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but just was not in the right mental space to do it. Two years ago I worked with a nutritionist, worked out daily, and changed my eating for 3 months. I saw no results so I gave up! Then I went on to rapidly gain 40 pounds in about 6-8 months, which you can imagine was really weird! Can you imagine how I felt?

Ready to Let Go

I am officially ready to let go of all of that excess baggage. If you want to fly, you must let go of the s@!*% that weighs you down! I’ve said this before in a previous post on finding the love I deserved. The same is true here. If I want to fly I mean really FLY then I must give something up to get to the life I want.  To get to my happy, healthy, whole place (which is where regal realness lies).

Why I Chose My Health FIRST!

My mind FINALLY changed for four reasons: I’ve been wanting a total body makeover from head to toe for years now, the new year is here,starting my natural hair journey last summer prompted me to want to be just as mindful as what I put on my head as what I put into my body, and starting this blog as made me want to be an even better woman! I decided I wanted to love my body even more than I already do. When you love your body, it loves you back.


Biggest Loser!  

Therefore, tomorrow marks the first day of a fitness challenge I have joined with my blogger friends. It is called the BLM Fitness Challenge, which lasts from Jan 7-April 7, 2013. Participants all entered with $10 (money collected will be given to the biggest loser–which I hope will be me) and you can use any method you want to get fit!!!

Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out

I have chosen to use JJ Smith’s DEM (Detox, Eat, and Move) System. Last summer, I purchased her book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out, read it, and swept in under a rug somewhere. A month ago I pulled it back out, re-read it and now I’M READY! Yesterday, I stocked up on everything I need for the 3 week DETOX phase  (including supplements, green drink mix, protein shake mix, fresh fruits & veggies, whole grain everything, nuts, oils, etc) and ordered additional items from

Check out the cover here (peep this…JJ is in her 40’s and she looks so good!)


I am so glad I am doing this NOW! It really took this long for me to make a change because I had to mentally embrace this lifestyle change, and fully want it more then anything else. I WANT IT! I am committed! I will chart my journey on here, and I will share new healthy and good recipes I make.

This Journey Is Really About You As Much As It Is About Me

This journey is about more than me. It is allowing me to detox my body and rid it of toxins, and then allowing me to provide it with nutritious, clean and balanced, whole, and healthy foods that fuel my body. It is also allowing me to detox my mind and soul. Allowing me to let go off any addictions to food present, any emotional baggage that needs to go, and anything else they may be holding me back as a result of my weight.

It is also allowing me to be an example! My ultimate goal is to become healthy and fabulous while inspiring other women of color to give this journey a try. As I share I hope to inspire you. As I share I hope to encourage you. As I share I hope to break down everything  to educate you.  I hope to go through trial and error to make even (clean and balance) eating seem tasty for you! I simply want you to know that if I can do it and achieve so can you.

This health journey is for me and it is for you. Stay tuned for more!

Inspirational Websites I Love and Recommend:

Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, Black Women Losing Weight, Black Weight Loss Success, and  Dr. Oz    offers many tips and even a TV show!


Do you have health or fitness goals for this year?

What methods are you using?

Have you ever felt like me before?

Gifts for Your Girls: 8 Great Ideas for the Women In Your Life


The holiday season is among us, and it excites me! It is the time of year that brings together family, food, fun, and friends. Our friends especially our girls are the ones who keep us feeling grounded, focused, loved, and inspired. Our girls and other women in our lives deserve to know how much we care about them. Gift giving is one of the main ways we can show our appreciation. This post is inspired by and sponsored by my crew the Bloggers Like Me Girls. In addition, I vow to make a stronger commitment to being a better friend to my BLM girls and my girlfriends who I love and wish to see more of in 2013 (this is a resolution, of course!)

Without further ado, here are  8 great gift ideas for the ladies in your life! P.S. Some of these gifts are good for many different people in your life.

1. Nail Polish (Remix!)

What woman doesn’t like having pretty nails?

Great ways to jazz up a simple yet great gift!

Great ways to jazz up a simple yet great gift!


2. Bottle of Wine  and Homemade Wine Glass

Pair her favorite wine with a glass that you personalize just for her!


Personalize her bubbly experience with a glass like this.



3. Jewelry and/or  Jewelry holder ( My favorite!)

Pick out a piece she will love whether it is earrings, a necklace, or bracelet. Then give her a unique way to organize her fabulous jewelry!


4.  Homemade Goodies

Put a little love into your gift!!! Make something by hand that gives a warm and fuzzy feeling to the recipient. Mt favorite thing to make our chocolate and vanilla covered pretzels. They are quick to make and always a hit!

Check out some more great ideas here: 37 Gifts in a Jar Ideas (including: cookie mix, pie, soup mix, cupcakes, candy, etc in a jar!)

Cookies in a jar...yum! This is a quick and easy gift to put together.

Cookies in a jar…yum! This is a quick and easy gift to put together.

5.  Scarf (Another favorite)

Keep her nice and warm this season. If she likes to be fashionable, spice up her wardrobe with a new cute scarf!

Photo Credit: The versatility of the scarf is amazing!

Photo Credit:
The versatility of the scarf is amazing!

6.  Good Reads

Books!! Keep her knowledgeable and empowered with a book like Beautylicious:The Black Girls Guide to the Fabulous Life or Ebony Editor & Cheif Amy Dubois Barnett’s, Get Yours!: How to Have Everything You Ever Dreamed Of .  Another great book list to check out is 6 Books to Raise Your Cultural Consciousness. Also, consider getting a subscription to her favorite magazine such as: O, Essence, Glamour…whatever piques her interest!


A fabulous read…every girl needs this on their shelf!

Great read and it has pages for you to write in your goals for getting yours!

Great read and it has pages for you to write in your goals for getting yours!

7. Favorite Movies or TV Shows

Pick up some sister girl classics such as Waiting to Exhale or Love Jones, or throw in something newer like For Colored Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, or Scandal Season One.

Olivia is one bad chick! Offer someone the opportunity to experience Ms. Pope!

Olivia is one bad chick! Offer someone the opportunity to experience Ms. Pope!

8.  Hair Products

Is she growing long healthy hair or has she recently went natural? Then embrace this and order or purchase her favorite products.


This post is powered by #BLMGirls. You can also check out other posts from our #BLMBlogHop by visiting this link and learn more about #BLMGirls here:

Did I miss any gift ideas? Share below!