How Loving My Hair Taught Me Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance

       Now I know I am not a hair expert or nowhere near being a stylist. Never have been. But, since embarking on my healthy hair journey last summer I can’t help but feel like I am starting to finally understand my own wavy, curly tresses! Still I am no expert and as a result my hair has taught me everything (well almost everything!) I know about patience, persistence, and perseverance.

The fact that are so many products, so many tips, so many to try, so many methods to try is mind boggling. Time consuming and unpredictable at times. The trial and error that goes into being a product tester (aka junkie!) is a lot of work. Twisting, curling, rolling, pineappling, and the whole nine yards is work, too! But, once you get it, you get it! It is like a happy moment.

It has taught me the meaning of patience…good things come to those who wait and WORK at it! Taking care of your hair is no easy task, especially when you just start learning. For centuries many of us were denied the proper knowledge to have these “how to’s” and “go-tos” to help us take care of our own hair. I am happy to say that with so much knowledge, videos, and word of mouth this can now be passed down to our daughters (nope don’t have one quite yet though!)

I’ve also learn to be persistent and persevere through the trial and errors. I now chalk things up to “you live and you learn” instead of getting easily mad or frustrated when things don’t go my way or turn out as I had hoped…and yes, I learned this all from the hair that grows out of my head!

Guess what, those three P’s sure have paid off for me with my hair which has grown tremendously and is so healthy and shiny! In other areas of my life as well because I ACCEPTED my hair journey flaws and all, stuck with it, patiently awaited my hair to come back to health, and embraced that TRIAL AND ERROR ARE FACTS OF LIFE THAT ARE NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS, and GREATNESS IS THE RESULT OF HARD WORK, FAILURE AND RISK-TAKING! Now those are some life lessons for ya!

What has your hair journey taught you about life?