My Due Date is Fast Approaching!


Your probably wondering why I haven’t told you that I’m pregnant.
Honestly, I am not in the traditional sense. But, very shortly I will give birth to my baby: I have imagined her since I was a little girl, and she will be delivered not only to me soon, but to the world! It seems like it is taking forever for her to arrive because I am really trying to deliver! I mean deliver the kind of content that makes you keep coming back for more, deliver tips, advice, news, and how-to’s that you can relate to, and deliver the very best I can to help you live more confidently and fabulously!
It has been a long process full of ideas, creation, revisions, brainstorming, and time commitments. But, it is all worth it in the end. When she, my new site, is delivered I will let you know. We are a few days away from the due date. LOL….seriously!
Sneak peak of one of the new banners below (please do not copy or share):


Artist: Jade Pilgrom

Stay tuned,


We’re Moving!

Regal Realness will be moving to a new site shortly. Therefore, no new content will be posted here from this point forward. All content from here will be available on our new site with a host of other great new things in store for you! Check back for the new location launch in a few weeks!!!

Are you a blogger or woman with something to say?


Regal Realness wants to hear your voices ladies!

Send in submissions on topics that you believe will inspire, empower, and uplift other women of color to be fabulous and empowered! Categories include:  Beauty, Confidence, Love, Hair & Health, Culture, and Fabulous Living. Send all submissions to Submissions will be responded to in a timely manner with comments regarding editing/publishing.

Submission Guidelines:

-Submit post in a word document (size 12 font, Times New Roman)

-Post should be between 400-800 words

-Write 1-2 sentences that discuss why you think this is a good fit for Regal Realness readers

-Include one resource that readers can use to make their lives better that compliments your post (ie. worksheet attachment, Youtube video, link to a survey, link to a book they can purchase, list of something, chart or diagram, etc) This will be called a , Regal Resource.

Note: All submissions if approved will be posted on our new website.