My Due Date is Fast Approaching!


Your probably wondering why I haven’t told you that I’m pregnant.
Honestly, I am not in the traditional sense. But, very shortly I will give birth to my baby: I have imagined her since I was a little girl, and she will be delivered not only to me soon, but to the world! It seems like it is taking forever for her to arrive because I am really trying to deliver! I mean deliver the kind of content that makes you keep coming back for more, deliver tips, advice, news, and how-to’s that you can relate to, and deliver the very best I can to help you live more confidently and fabulously!
It has been a long process full of ideas, creation, revisions, brainstorming, and time commitments. But, it is all worth it in the end. When she, my new site, is delivered I will let you know. We are a few days away from the due date. LOL….seriously!
Sneak peak of one of the new banners below (please do not copy or share):


Artist: Jade Pilgrom

Stay tuned,